About Chef Chris Taylor

It all started in Jamaica’s capital where Christopher was born and lived till the age of 13. Raised by his Great Grandmother, whom Christopher would sit by the charcoal stove and watch as she cooked the family meals… The Passion Begins.

His love for food takes him through places like the Old Mill Restaurant where he did his early apprenticeship before making his way through hotels, golf and country clubs, The Airport International Centre to name a few.

Christopher has been the Executive Chef, for the past 8 years, at one of the City’s most busiest Mediterrnean Restaurants located at Steeles & Bathurst.

Well, after all of these years, Christopher has finally returned to his first love… Caribbean Food; to be more particular “YARD” aka Jamaican Food.

His Great Grandmother, a native of Portland located on the east coast are known for creating the Famous Jerk Chicken Tradition that has now spread to the rest of the world.

For All to Enjoy!